LED Emergency Powerpack

Series : AuroPower

Model : BK3W

LED emergency powerpack supports T8 LED tube and LED downlight with input voltage range from 12VDC to 40VDC.

When normal power fails, the emergency electronic ballast which work in conjunction with AC LED driver, immediately switch over to emergency mode, operating the T8 LED tube or LED downlight for 2 hours or more. When main AC power is restored, the emergency electronic ballast automatically return to the normal charging mode.

Please consults our sales for difference types of voltage, power, brightness or emergency duration requirements.


Mode : Non-maintained, self-contained
Supply voltage : 230VAC 50Hz
Emergency duration : 2 Hours
Light source : DC 12V ~ 40V LED
Battery : Nickel metal hydride
Casing : Aluminium anodized silver
Dimensions : 220mm(L) x 56mm(W) x 45mm(H)
LED emergency powerpack wiring